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We do more than just Manage Wealth. Gauntlet Holdings, a Family Office.

Our Way

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Focused Success

Gauntlet Holdings provides unparalleled personalized wealth management, financial and advisory services to our Family Office and our portfolio of Companies located over 5 countries.

We are here to ensure that all of our closely held and portfolio of companies, receive qualitative and quantitative feedback to ensure that every decision is made to assess and mitigate risk while identifying growth opportunities, by adapting to market trends.

At Gauntlet Holdings, we remain ready and able to serve our members and our portfolio of companies to guide them as they manage the preservation and growth of wealth for generations that follow.

Overview of Gauntlet Holdings Offices

Gauntlet Holdings Family Office operates as a conglomerate consisting of four specialized companies, with the parent company serving as the financial center for its subsidiaries. Each office has its own unique focus, contributing to a diversified portfolio.

Scope of Services

General Consulting

Credit Facilities


Global Logistics

Real Estate Portfolio
Aggregation and Management

Private Equity and
Venture Capital

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Gauntlet Holdings, a Family Office

5000 Birch Street, Suite 3000,

Newport Beach, CA 92660

United States of America

US Phone: +1-714-987-6117

LEI Number: 894500AUXJN1YTQD8U95

Gauntlet Holdings Asset Management (UK) Ltd.

11 Old Court House,

Old Court Place

London, EC3A 7LN,

United Kingdom

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